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Plus Size Chinks, Chaps, or Armitas

From the Bench Blog

Plus Size Chinks, Chaps, or Armitas

Jennifer Kuschel

So this may be a sensitive topic, but unlike many chap makers may be, I feel I am well qualified to broach this subject. If you aren’t familiar with our company, it’s just the two of us. We are a father/daughter team. I, Jennifer,  make custom chinks, armitas, and chaps. My dad, Doug, makes custom saddles.

So what exactly qualifies me to talk about plus size chinks and chaps? Well first off, I have been making custom chinks for about 23 years now, most importantly though, I am a plus size gal myself. Through the years I have made my own custom chinks in increasing sizes. I can tell you that it really hits home when you see yourself as a pattern! For this reason I know it can be awkward to give out your measurements to a complete stranger. Add to that, some custom chap companies also have an upcharge for larger sizes. Sure, maybe it takes a little more leather to get around our parts, but since we are all individuals I think it just averages out in the end. Besides, I find it kind of insulting!

It is my hope that no matter your size you will feel comfortable ordering your custom chinks with me. Your custom chinks are a big investment and should last you many years. They should also provide a comfortable fit throughout those years, so when ordering your custom chinks be sure to provide me with any details you think may affect the fit in the coming years. Through extra adjustments we can accommodate most changes in a person’s measurements.

I hope in that broaching the subject of plus size chinks, that you will decide that it is alright to just be who you are and to go for your dreams! No “if only” allowed.  If those dreams involve a super awesome pair of custom chinks, let’s talk!

All my best to you


p.s. In a coming blog post I will go into some of my design processes and give some tips to for ordering the most flattering fit for any size. 

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