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Martingale - Fancy Scallop

Martingales | Breast Collars

Handmade martingale breast collars for sale. Shop our hand-tooled martingales or order a custom martingale breast collar.

Martingale - Fancy Scallop


Martingale - Fancy Scallop


fancy martingale features scalloped design and conchos

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  • martingale features our fancy scalloped edge design
  • hand-tooled with a shell design and finished in our own in-house blended color featuring a warm, rich tone of reddish-brown
  • martingale is line with latigo for durability
  • stainless steel hardware including Jeremiah Watt Products stainless steel conchos and buckles. The JWP hardware features a floral pattern.
  • includes saddle dee straps and an over the neck support strap
  • Our martingales are designed with a a dee attaching the strap that goes to the cinch. This makes replacement of the strap easy since it is the first place to wear on a martingale due to moisture and sweat.