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Reinsman of the West

Books for Bridle Horse Training

Bridle horse training books written by Ed Connell including Hackamore Reinsman. Training books written for the training of hackamore horse to bridle horse with spade bit.

Reinsman of the West


Reinsman of the West


Reinsman of the West - Bridles & Bits


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  • Second in the Ed Connell series of books on the making of a true bridle horse
  • In depth information on bits and their uses in the training of a bridle horse
  • Includes information on bits, bitting, and other equipment in great detail
From the publisher: "Reinsman of the West - Bridles and Bits is the second half of the training process, covers: About Bits, Fundamental Principle of the Bit, Summary of Bridling, Purpose of the Double Rein, The Importance of a Good Start and Finish, Worn Bits, Santa Barbara Spade Bit, Half Breed, Chileno, Grazer, Snaffle Bits, Training Marks of Distinction, Carrying the Bit, Start of Using the Double Rein, High Nosed Horse, Misuse of the Romal, Straight Up in the Bridle, Knowledge and Know-How, Horse Sense, and much more."