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Hackamore Reinsman

Books for Bridle Horse Training

Bridle horse training books written by Ed Connell including Hackamore Reinsman. Training books written for the training of hackamore horse to bridle horse with spade bit.

Hackamore Reinsman


Hackamore Reinsman


Hackamore Reinsman by Ed Connell

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"It is as different from average horse books as bourbon is from skimmed milk" (as quoted by the publisher)

  • The first book in the series of three written by Ed Connell
  • Great reference for starting the hackamore horse with a focus on the making of bridle horses
  • Covers equipment including hackamores and snaffles bits also
  • Hackamore Reinsman remains the bible of all books on hackamore training
  • Illustrated by Randy Steffen
From the publisher: "Hackamore Reinsman is a valuable reference manual for the professional horse trainer as well as the amateur. Complete coverage of handling the reins ... both snaffle bit and hackamore methods; the turn on the hind feet; the set and turn; the sliding stop; starting the colt on cattle; the spin; foot position; riding a balance; correcting bad habits; keeping the horse light; and every other phase of making the finished, flashy-reined cow horse."